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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Weekend Readings

Introducing another great options trading blog - Option Jungle, via ODA125.

Speaking of ODA125, he made an awesome 80% gain on average in a week of trading options. Cool!

As always, classic posts from Dr Brett on mental programming and trading pivot points

Trade your way to financial freedom? Nay, Richard from movethemarkets.com prefers to trade his way to happiness. Moi? I think both are important and in some ways inter-related.

Caltrader shares his long term view on OIH, oops, sorry I mean OIL. Is it me or what...always mixing words with ticker symbol, like AAPL with AAPLE, sorry...I mean APPLE, OIL with OIH. I like to hear from you if you make the same mistakes as me, then I know its a "trader's disease" and not me, lol!

The markets are closed on Monday, have a great weekend!


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