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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

OptionXpress Trading Pattern

A short follow-up on networking sites for investor post. I've come across OX Trading Pattern and thought I'll share here how it looks like. I've not seen how the rest of the other sites work though because I only came across the WSJ article yesterday and posted it here right away.

This is an example on AAPL. Quite a few match to my own watchlist, which includes RIMM, NYX, GS and MA. I think OX one is straight forward. No interaction or communication with other traders. No ranking or tracking of performance. Just basically seeing what other traders who have placed orders for AAPL at OX platform are also trading, regardless of whether trade eventually executed or not.


Blogger TradingGoddess said...

I use optionsxpress and still, as yet, have not "done" options. I am learning and I appreciate the work you do here on your site.

Thank you!

3:43 AM  
Blogger Simply Options Trader said...

Honoured to have you here, TG. You do us ladies proud :)

I use mainly IB for trade execution though, because they are more "commission-friendly".

OX has just intro futures trading. You into futures?

10:08 AM  

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