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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Goodies To Share

I've come across some fabulous sites and want to share them here:

-Those who are observant would have noticed a newly added option blog in my blogroll: optionpundit. The author of this blog is a fellow graduate of mine. Great site especially if you want to learn more advanced strategies like how he uses backspread to trade earnings. Oh, and be sure to check out pictures of him with Warren Buffet.

-Not sure how to exit a trade? Downtowntrader offers some strategies such as:
->Raising stop to just under a strong candle that closes over the high of the previous candle or if reversal pattern is forming
->Break of a rising trendline
->Trailing stops under a recent pivot low
->Trailing stops under the recent highest high by a multiple of the ATR (average true range)

By the way, he was recently interviewed by stocktickr as well.

-An excellent site on swing trading recommended by ODA125. Loads of good (& free!) stuff with great details.

-Great news at Market Neutral Options, an advisory service which is performance-based (which I mentioned earlier here), has now capped it monthly subscription at $50!

-Why are companies shying away from stock splits? I was taught that generally, stocks will rise after announcing stock split, but I think this trend is slowly fading off. (via Kirk and Mike)

-25 tips to improve your market timing, by Alan Farley (via Kirk and Mike)

-Seems like options trading is gaining some popularity, with richard, gav and eyal expressing interest to look into this subject. I hope more will get on board and interest sustained, not a fad like futures trading in the recent blogosphere.


Anonymous Richard said...

Yeah, funny how all that futures envy died down when everybody who jumped in head-first lost money. Everybody wants to believe there is a free lunch out there for them. Even Cal hasn't been posting about futures, almost a month after he started all the noise about it.. Hmmm....

I'll be starting making beginner options posts this week, I hope. It's going to start out incredibly basic, while I'm getting up to speed.

7:51 AM  
Blogger Simply Options Trader said...

Nothing wrong with trying out new trading vehicles or methods, just that one should not do so blindly without understanding how it works and doing so within risk management rules. You are right on that there is no free lunch, no easy money from trading either.

Looking forward to seeing your options posts!

10:12 AM  
Blogger downtowntrader said...

Thanks for the link and write up.


10:06 AM  
Blogger Simply Options Trader said...

No prob, DT

5:45 PM  

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