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Monday, November 20, 2006


Gary Ang, founder and the head trader of Market Neutral Options wrote to me about their options trading advisory service about 2 weeks ago. I checked out his website and after a few correspondences with him, decide to introduce Market Neutral Options here. Gary uses options strategies such as Iron Condor and Diagonal Spreads on index tracking EFTs, which are excellent in range-bound market condition.

If you recall, combination spreads or synthetic positions are not exactly my cup of tea (but I don't rule out using such strategies in future). If so, why introduce Market Neutral Options? Two main reasons for doing so:

-Expose my readers to a wider range of options strategies. I know some of you are interested in such market neutral options strategies and I leave it to you to explore further with this introduction. This service is fairly new (started in Jul this year) and looking at their past performance, you will understand why I say the such strategies are good in a tight range market.

-I like the idea of performance-based payment for their subscribers. With their performance-based variable rate structure, subscribers only pay a low one-year sign-up fee of US$50 (which works out to be less than US$5 a month) and you won't have to pay them a cent until you make money from their recommendations. See here for more on their fee structure.

We have seen many advisory services out there charging exhorbitant fees regardless of performance, so the ones making money are really these so call advisors and not their subscribers. So I find this performance based service a bold move, fair and appealing.

-I know this is the third reason. They are offering a free trial service for one month, with NO credit details required. I like this arrangement because it means that you don't have to worry about forgetting to write in to cancel the service and be charged for subscription should you not like their service.

Having said that, this advisory service is pretty new and it may time to build their credibility and track record. Also like to add that market neutral strategies have to be used with caution during a trending market.

Check out their free trial and judge for yourself whether this type of trading style will suit you.


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