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Monday, August 20, 2007

End of Volatility After Rate Cut?

Another wild ride last week. Some good readings on Fed's action on MY DEL.ICIO.US at the left column. Also check out other good readings I've read and gathered from blogs/ websites.

There is not much economic data coming out this week and earnings report has been winding down. But there is a batch of retailers reporting earnings this week and it would be interesting to see what their earnings/ guidance say about consumer spending. This could throw some light on the growth of economy.

Notable earnings: LOW

Notable earnings: AEO, ACS, TGT, DKS, BJ

Wed: Japan Interest Rate Annoucement
Notable earnings: ANF, BCSI, BHP, GYMB, TOL

Notable earnings: ARO, BKS, BEBE, GME, PLCE

Fri: Durable Orders, New Home Sales
Notable earnings: ANN

Btw, does anyone of you think the Fed discount rate cut would bring an end to the volatility in the market for good? I have my reservations.


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