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Monday, August 13, 2007

Volatility Ahead

Credit crunch, Credit squeeze, Credit tightening, Credit turmoil... these have been the headlines over the past few weeks.

With credit crunch acting as overhang and together with options expiration this Friday, be ready for more volatility ahead this week. Here's a look at the 5 year weekly VIX chart:

I'm no expert in the VIX. But just by looking at this chart, the VIX is now located outside the upper bollinger bands and last week, it has broken out of a key 5 year resistance. What does this means? Remember, the VIX represents the fear index. I recommend you to go over to VIX and More if you want to go in depth into VIX. Bill's entire blog is dedicated to VIX discussion.

Mon: Retail Sales, Business Inventories
Notable earnings: NTES

PPI, Trade Balance
Notable earnings: HD, UBS, HAR

Wed: CPI, NY Empire State Index, Industrial Production & Capacity Utilization
Notable earnings: DE, CRM, PETM

Thurs: Housing Starts, Building Permit, Phil Fed
Notable earnings: ADSK, HPQ, JCP,JWN, KSS

Fri: Options Expiration, Michigan Sentiment


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