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Friday, December 22, 2006

Holiday Mood!

Honestly, I am in holiday mood already :) It will be holiday trading these few days, so not a bad idea to take time off to enjoy this festive season and spend time with family & friends, given little movement in the market. The only 2 stocks worth watching tomorrow would be RIMM, which announced earnings and is already up about $8 after trading hours. And GOOG, which closed @ $456.2, inching even closer to the 20 Oct support and risk of gap fill

There has been some hoo-hahs about Caltrader making $8k in a day in futures trading. My stand? Why waste time speculating about it? Just sit back and monitor his progress. Time will tell. Anyway, I think the most constructive post coming out of this saga is Bill's comparison of trading futures, options & ETFs

Phileo shares with us the elements of a good swing trade

And if you want to know more about moving averages, check this out.

New blog by ODA125 talking about credit spreads. Btw, the charts (& the style of drawing on the chart) that he/she has posted reminds me of old solider. Is that you, old solider?


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