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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Weekend: Food For The Brain

Have been busy the last 2 days running some errands and have not been updating the blog and also reading other fabulous blogs by fabulous traders. Read some great posts and here they are:

-The Miseducated Daytrader reviewed his trades and revised some trading rules in Beyond the Setup

-Penny options = More efficient trading cost. My broker, Interactive Broker has already jumpstart penny pricing for options. Btw, has anyone tried it out yet?

On a separate note, IB has recently published a new Excel API Beginners Guide with step-by-step instructions on how to start building a trading application in Excel...hmm, we have always wanted to explore it...now that IB has come up with Excel version and for Beginners (aka dummies), much of our inertia is greatly removed and we'll start looking at it real soon.

-How to use the NYSE TICK chart to become a better trader

-If you haven't read the Dec issue of the Options Trader Magazine, do grab a copy. It's free! This issue has got some interesting write-ups on seasonal straddle, FOMC options opportunities, earnings announcement options play and many more.

-2007 Trading Calendar


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