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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bulb Fused, Internet Down

It was an eventful night, not talking about trading, but about mishaps, lol. About 10 mins BMO, the light in the room started flicking like in disco. Unfortunately we don't have a spare bulb and not even a torch light (shows how unprepared we are for emergency!- we are going to get one this weekend, definitely). My hubby suggested I move my laptop out of the study room to work as lights are still working fine there. But stubborn me refused because I'm quite used to trading with a laptop & a PC and everything has been setup up in the PC for trading. Plus, I can still see the charts, just having difficulties with writing on my notebook. All this fuss definitely interrupted my trading to some extent, while my hubby drove to his parents place to get a table lamp.

Then later in the night, I realised that the internet connection is down. PC & laptop. It was pretty late & I decided to call it a day. This morning, I woke up to find that internet is STILL down. Kind of feel paralysed with the internet down. Decided to continue reading my book and wait for my hubby to fix it when he gets back. And then maybe not. I found the number to call for my internet service provider and while waiting for the call to get through, I turned on the PC again to try. This time it worked! Sometimes I really can't figure this crap out...but nevertheless, glad that things are in order now and here I am writing this post.


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