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Friday, December 01, 2006

Random Thoughts: Soft & Hard

Just some random thoughts on 2 aspects of trading: soft and hard. I view areas such as having a trading plan, managing your trading emotions etc as the soft side of trading; while I see technical analysis and fundamental analysis (if you are into investing) as the cold, hard side of trading. No ifs and buts.

So here's some interesting links for you to chew on it:

-Trading journey of an ex-engineer. Lol, I didn't know there are so many engineers-turned-traders out there. I think it is because they are trained to be logical (aka no emotions) and have good analytical skills (read: good chart analyst). I have to go tell my hubby about this. He is an engineer.

-What's in your trading journal checklist?

-How does your trading journal look? And I mean physically

-How to trade breakdown

-Ten laws of technical trading

-Fall three methods

-Monitoring the trend using 50 SMA


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