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Sunday, September 16, 2007

5km Run Challenge

Last Sunday, my cousin and I participated in the women only competitive run- Shape Run 2007. Our goal was just to complete the race and have fun. Competition was the last thing on our mind.

Co-presented by Nike Women, the turnout was great, with about 6,000 participants. We ran the 5km route and completed it in about 40 mins. Timing is not impressive, but it is considered a milestone for me personally because the last time I took part in a run was for my 2.5km fitness test in school :)

Running has never been my forte, in fact, it is a sports I loathe because I always find it a pain to complete my run. However, this time, I decided to take up the 5km run (double the distance of my run in school) as a personal challenge to myself. I woke up at 6am for weekly runs to prepare for this race. While training, my goal is to pace myself and run consistently without stopping in between. Timing is not a big concern.

2 lessons I've learnt from this experience:

(1) It reinforce the importance of goal setting
Be it for trading, sports or other areas, having a goal means you will work towards it and definitely achieve more than if you were to be without a target.

(2) Consistency is more important than Speed
On the day of Shape Run, I see many runners sprinting ahead of us at the start of the race. However, by the half way mark, I noticed many runners were stopping to walk. Likewise, this can be applied to trading. It is not those who made big bucks when they just started trading that will learn most and last in this trade. In fact,they are likely to burn and crash as they fall into the trap of thinking that trading is easy money and do not exercise proper risk management. It is the traders who can be consistently profitable that will stay on course.

I'm happy to complete this race and achieve the goal I've set for myself. 7096 is my biib number. I'm keeping it to remind myself that I CAN DO IT!

(First 2 pictures courtesy of Nike Women Singapore).


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