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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Linda Raschke Video: Classic Indicators - Back to the Future

Thanks to Craig aka Taz Trader for sharing this free video link on Linda Raschke at a recent international trading conference. In this video, she gave a background of technical analysis and talked about the 4 forefathers of technical analysis. She also discussed her single most powerful weapon for scalping.

Here's a summary of the similarities of the 4 forefathers of technical analysis:

-Don't average loss
-Don't over trade (in terms of leverage)
-Don't listen to others; be an independent trader
-Don't trade in dull market where volume is low
-Monitor price action

In case you don't know who Linda Raschke is, she is one of the wizards featured in Jack Schwager's book- "The New Market Wizards".

Edit: I re-wrote this post as I was somehow unable to publish the content in the earlier post. Only the subject header appeared. Something wrong with blogger I guess. Luckily this is not a lengthy post.


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