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Monday, April 30, 2007

Week Ahead: 30/4 - 4/5

Last week was the 4th consecutive week the S&P 500, DOW and Nasdaq closed up higher without a down week in between. Looking back one year, the last time this happened in S&P 500 and DOW was late Sep - Oct 06 while for Nasdaq, it was dated way back in mid Oct- Nov 05. Oh and did I mention that the last time this pattern occurred in DOW, it was aiming at the 12,000 mark. And now less than a year later, we have just surpassed the 13,000 level.

The week ahead has some heavy-weight figure speaking and also the important unemployment report. We shall see how they move the market...

Personal Income & Personal Spending, Chicago PMI
Notable earnings: SWN, ZBRA, CTX, BEAV, RSH, VMC, TSN

ISM Index, *Fed Chairman Speaks @ 11am EST
Notable earnings: ACS, ADM, CEPH, EXP, GYI, NVTL, UA, YUM, EOG, HOLX, JOE

Wed: *Treasury Secretary Paulson Speaks @ 11am EST
Notable earnings: RATE, GRMN, TEVA, BEC, LVS, S, CTSH, SUN, RIG, ICE

Thurs: ISM Service, Productivity
Notable earnings: CECO, BEBE, CELG, CHK, GM, MGM, OSK, EL, SBUX, NBR

Fri: Unemployment report

*According to Forex Factory Calendar


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