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Monday, May 07, 2007

Week Ahead: 7/5-11/5

A little busy with things, hence the inactive posting last week. If time permits, hope to have more posting this week, otherwise, you will only hear from me end of the month as I will be travelling for 2 weeks.

This upcoming week, earnings reports are winding down, with FOMC policy statement taking centre stage as usual. I'm of the view that the market will cool off and consolidate early week, after a solid march up, while awaiting for this piece of important announcement. But of course, my guess is only as good as yours and we'll have to take whatever the market gives us.

Notable earnings: WYNN, FLR, HANS, JCOM

Wholesale Inventories
Notable earnings: ERTS, PCLN, HET, MLM, LAZ, PZZA, DIS

Wed: FOMC Policy Statement
Notable earnings: LCAV, LM, TOL, WFMI, TM, TALX, HSP, BRL, FWLT

Thurs: Trade Balance
Notable earnings: NVDA, URBN

Fri: PPI, Retail Sales, Business Inventory


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