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Monday, March 12, 2007

Week Ahead 12/3 - 16/3

After a roller-coaster 2 weeks with the market retracing about 38%(Fib) of its losses (from the high prior to meltdown to low on 5 Mar), are we really back in shape or this is bull trap set-up? I'm more inclined to the latter as the bounce last week has been on declining volume. Either case, tread the market carefully in the short term. Check out MY DEL.ICIO.US on the left column for more discussion on this topic.

The week ahead has some key economic data release and also earnings announcement from a few leading investment house.

Mon: Treasury Budget

Tue: Retail Sales
Notable earnings: GS*, GYMB

Notable earnings: LEH, ZUMZ

Thurs: PPI, Phi Fed
Notable earnings: PLCE, ARO, BSC*, TEK, TRLG, WGO

Fri: Options Expiration, CPI
Notable earnings: ANN

*Big mover earnings stock


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