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Friday, March 02, 2007

Random Screws

Ok, just kidding on the title, but the post below IS serious. I have been thinking long and hard as to whether there was any oversight on my part on the episode with IB below. I could think of none, except that maybe I could have closed the position on Wed on the slight rebound. But the index was still a few points away from my defence line and I've set my defence line quite a safe distance away from the sold strike. So I didn't want to change my trading plan, although I was prepared that the CMO maybe triggered in the next few days in view of the market instability in terms of market direction. Having the CMO triggered was one thing, and having it not being able to trigger when it SHOULD is another issue. Ok, I know, here comes my rambling again. Let's digress and take a look at some interesting posts here:

-A look at the bond/S&P ratio chart by Kevin

-A study by Ticker Sense on where 3% market decline occurs

-How a jackpot winner plans to spend his fortune. Wow!

-Jamie's day trade on JOYG. He is such a skilled day-trader!

-DayTrade team's advice on going long in this market:

1. Stabilization at a level of proven support
2. Volume backed upside action

I concur.


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