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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Buzz Of The Day

Yes, GOOG flew past the $500 mark....on no news I think. Well, at least I couldn't find any news to support its surge to all time high and cross the psychological mark of $500. Question is can its growth keep pace with its price tag?

AAPL is another tech stock trading at all time high last night, extending its recent momentum ahead of Thanksgiving.

Talking about AAPL, Jamie posted his AAPL trade and I think it is a good lesson for all of us on how where you place your stop loss can make or break a trade, despite his very good entry point.

Richard from move the markets thought process when he scalped NYX, another momentum stock of the month

The VIX has been low for quite some time and since Monday, has stepped into the single digit territory and is at an all time low now. Volatility index is a fear gauge for the market. So does it mean that the market is over-complacent now?


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