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Thursday, December 21, 2006

101 Options Trading Secrets

Among the books I've read on trading, this book by Ken Trester is one which I complete reading in the shortest time. This book is sooooo easy to read that it clearly disappoints me. I should have seen it coming, with such title as "101...secrets". Each "secret" is about 1-3 page long. If you are looking for options trading book to teach you about trade setups, entry & exit points, technical analysis etc, look elsewhere.

Ken Trester advocates buying cheap, underpriced options as well as selling options. So you will learn a thing or two about these strategies. Personally, what I gained most out of this book is his talk about probability calculation. Not that he teaches you how to calculate probability of winning, but his frequent mention made me do some searches on this topic on my own.

Having said that, while a trader at intermediate level may not gain much out of reading this book, I think it will be a good read for those who are planning to go into options trading.

Grade:C- (for intermediate traders)

B- (for starters or those planning to start)


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