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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Where To Ask Options Questions For FREE!

If you are quite new to options trading and have questions to get off your chest, here's an aggregate of places where you can ask questions on options for free:

-CBOE's Learning Center
A new question and answer is published each week. But questions submitted will not be personally answered and may not be chosen for publication on the web site. You can also view past questions and answers in the archive.

-The Options Industry Council
You can either call or email them. Past FAQ also available.

-Options University
Ron Ianieri, co-founder & chief options strategist of The Options University answers your questions.

Submit your questions to OneOption and if it gets highlighted in his website, you'll get a detailed response and a free one-month subscription to the OneOption service of your choice. If he doesn't highlight yours, there's a still a chance he'll shoot you a quick response.

You can ask a variety of subjects, not limited to just options, from mutual funds, general investing, to bonds, stocks etc


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