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Monday, October 16, 2006

Week Ahead 16/10 - 20/10

Its been a busy weekend for us. The annoying haze is back & my sinus was acting up the whole day yesterday. Feeling tired now, but looking at the exciting week ahead will definitely perk me up.

The earnings season will be in full gear this week with many big names announcing earnings. We've also got a few key economic data coming out as well. To top that off, this Fri is expiration day. WOW!

Tue: PPI
Notable earnings: IBM, INTC, YHOO, MOT, MER

Wed: CPI
Notable earnings: APPL, JPM, EBAY,AMD, ABT, AMLN, ET

Notable earnings: SNDK, BRCM, GOOG, MCD, KO, UNP, XLNX, NUE, RS, HON, BTU, NE

Fri: Expiration Day
Notable earnings: MMM, CAT, ACI, SLB

Whether the market can sustain this upward momentum or otherwise will largely depends on how the bulk of the companies performed in Q3 & more importantly their guidance.

During these few weeks of heavy earnings release, pls take extra care to check if the company you are trading is due to announce earnings if you are initiating swing trades.


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