Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Could Haves, Would Haves" - SNDK, FLR

"Could Haves, Would Haves" are stocks which I have planned to trade, but due to some reasons or another e.g distracted (just like today!), have other positions to monitor etc, I did not execute them.

SNDK is one stock which I was looking to enter once it clears 58. Initial target @ 60. Didn't hit my target, but came close.

FLR has got a nice double bottom formation, and I was looking to enter above previous day high @78.88. Areas to watch: 80.0, 81.0. Ok, this one I was kind of watching it from the start, but had my reservation on the lower than avg volume, the bearish start of the market today & the slow trading day on a banking holiday. Usually for breakouts, I like to have confirmation with higher than avg volume. Nevertheless, it managed to come close to my first level of target @80

So what's the lesson I learnt today? STAY ALERT! Becos opportunities always come at the most unexpected time!


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