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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Forex and Options Trading

I talked about venturing in Forex trading last Dec. If you would like to dip your toes into Forex AND Options, here are a few Forex options by ISE you can consider:

YUK: ISE Yen FX Index
EUI: ISE Euro FX index
CDD: ISE Canadian Dollar FX Index
BPX: ISE British Pound FX Index
AUX: ISE Australian Dollar FX Index
SFC: ISE Swiss Franc FX Index

But do note that AUX has very wide bid-ask spread.

Of course there are also the currency shares trust by NYSE exchange which are also optionable:

Euro: FXE
Yen: FXY
Swiss Franc: FXF
Canandian Dollar: FXC
Australian Dollar: FXA

Despite the chaos in the US financial market, the USD/JPY is rocketing up towards 100 after forming a double-bottom. Here's a closer look at the USD/JPY by the MarketClub.


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