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Monday, July 09, 2007

Back To Work

This week, the traders should be back working in full force and trading volume to resume. It was an up week for the indices on light volume and this is the week to find out if momentum can carry on as both S&P 500 and DOW approaches their former highs (for the 3rd time). Nasdaq looks the strongest of the three indices as it has already surpassed it previous high.

Earnings season is officially kicking off on Monday. Another exciting period to come. As usual, those with swing trades, do check the earnings calendar before entering new trades and get out of the position prior to earnings.


Notable earnings: AA

Wholesale Inventories, Fed Chairman Bernanke speaks about Inflation
Notable earnings: INFY

Notable earnings: YUM, DNA, CHAP

Trade Balance, Treasury Budget

Retail Sales, Business Inventories
Notable earnings: GE


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