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Monday, July 02, 2007

Links, Links & Links

Take this slow week to check out these links:

- Excellent post by Chris Perruna, explaining how to do position sizing and expectancy. Plus he offers free download of:
* Position Sizing Spreadsheet
* Expectancy Spreadsheet
* Interactive Portfolio Spreadsheet

-Earnings season is starting officially next Monday. In case you have not noticed in MY DEL.ICIO.US on the left column of my blog, Bespoke gathered a list of "Most Volatile Stocks on Earnings Reports". You may find some good candidates for straddles and strangles here for earnings play.

-Read the inspiring story of The Pattern Trader. The riches-rags-riches life of Conrad, a former General Manager, in media industry who filed for bankruptcy when his business failed. Went for trading courses and started trading, lost some money and more. Step back from the market and studied all he can about trading from books and internet and came out with his own strategies. Now cleared of his bankruptcy, Conrad is consistently making US$5,000 monthly from trading, teaching trading and now even co-authored "Secrets of Millionaire Investors", a #1 bestseller non-fiction book in Singapore. Kudos to him!

-John Carter, author of "Mastering the Trade", shares in his blog an interesting post titled A Week in the Life of a Trader . . .

-Corey from Afraid to Trade reviews Martin Pring - The Investor’s Guide to Active Asset Allocation. Corey writes regularly about sector rotation. Be sure to check it out. I'll be having a post soon about where you can find the different sources on sector rotation information. Watch out for it!


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