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Monday, March 26, 2007

Week Ahead: 26/3- 30/3

The market rallied after Fed policy statement last Wed, but spent most time consolidating on Thurs and Fri. All 3 major indices have cleared the 50 MA and the SPX has also cleared the 62% Fib retracement (from swing high in Feb to swing low in early Mar). However, the DOW and Nasdaq are consolidating right below their 62% Fib retracement. Will this bull run have another leg higher after pausing or the bears will come back if DOW and Nasdaq can't clear the 62% Fib hurdle?

Here's the notable economic news and earnings release for the week ahead:

Mon: New Home Sales
Notable earnings: TIF

Tue:Consumer Confidence
Notable earnings: GME, LEN

Wed: Durable Orders
Notable earnings: PAYX

Thurs: GDP
Notable earnings: KMX, COGN

Personal Income & Spending
Notable earnings: GPN


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