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Friday, September 29, 2006

Review of LRCX Trade

It was a flop trade. Right after my entry, stock started to move against me. My stop-loss was @ 5.5 & that same day, it threatened to trigger it, coming as close as 5.6 bid-5.8ask. Bad feeling, but I thought since I've already set the stop loss, will just leave it to the market instead of getting my nerves all bunched up. That's what stop loss are for right, control your emotions.

The next day I woke out to find that LRCX has recovered some grounds & actually in profitable position. However, on Wed, it was moving sideways. Dismayed, I told myself I will give it another day because I usually exit my position by 3rd trading day if there is no progress.

On Thurs, it opened with a bang & even broke the minor resistance @ $46. I could have closed it for some profits. Didnt. Usually don't like to initiate or close my position minutes after market open. Option prices & its volatility are jumping around. As the market settled down, LRCX was again moving directionlessly, together with the choppy SOX & overall market. Didn't like what I saw & exited for 0.1 loss.
The stock managed to pick up around noon & even climbed as high as $46.51, but by then I was long gone...

Postmortem verdict: I had my chances to closed it at a profit. A pity I didn't. Slight pity was all I felt, because what's more important was I had my emotions under control in this trade.


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