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Monday, November 12, 2007

Retailers' Week

Earnings season is wrapping up with most Tech and Financial stocks having announced their results. This coming week, we will see some retailers announcing earnings. Let's see what they think of the holiday shopping this week.

Mon: Veteran Day (Bank Holiday)
Notable earnings: DISH

Tue: Pending Home Sales, Treasury Budget
Notable earnings: EXM, HD, WMT

Wed: Retail Sales, PPI, Biz Inventories, Fed Chairman Bernanke speaks
Notable earnings: NTAP, SINA

Thurs: CPI, NY Empire State Index, Phil Fed
Notable earnings: A, ADSK, KSS, CRM, SBUX, STP, TYC

Fri: Industrial Production, Capacity Utilization, Fed Governor Kroszner speaks about economic outlook (tentative), Options Expiration.
Notable earnings: ANN

p/s: having abit of problems with uploading charts. Will try to post some if blogger allows.


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