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Monday, September 18, 2006

Recommended Blogs

While I was doing research recently to set up our blog, I came across a handful of other blogs on trading which are pretty impressive and they are on my blogroll. And here goes the list: (in no particular order or whatsoever)

-The Bull Trader
Setup by 4 dynamic undergraduates from UCLA & UC Berkeley. They started off on blogspot before moving on to their own domain. I like their technical analysis section. (Gosh, wish I had started off earlier like them. Oh well, better late than never. One thing for sure: When I have kids, I'm going to get them started early on money & sense)

-Daily Options Report
Adam is a professional options trader & has been trading for 18 years! He has also written for StreetInsight.com penning the Options Column. He is into long gamma strategies. Some of his blog entries are quite entertaining as well.

-The Kirk Report
Named one of the "must-read bloggers' in the October 06 issue of Kiplinger. Other Alccolades includes being named Barron's favorite financial blog both in October & November of 2004.

-Trader Mike
Oh my, this is THE most extensive blog on trading that I've come across to date. Very rich in content, highly comprehensive.

Another site that focus on options (other than Daily Options Report), I like his Q&A section. Detailed replies to your questions.


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